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Xeomin (Botox)


The Truth About "Botox"
An Injector Won't Tell You!

Choosing the wrong “botox” could cost you

BIG and could effect your long term results!

Why Xeomin is Our "Botox" of Choice At Elevate

Xeomin is the purest form of  botulinum toxin on the market. Botulinum toxin is the neurotoxin commonly used to treat medical issues and used for cosmetic enhancement that most everyone knows as “Botox.” So this may come as a surprise to some people that there are many brands and formulas available to choose from when thinking of using this treatment. While Botox Cosmetic was the first to hit the market it had many competitors soon after one of them being Xeomin which we use in our practice at Elevate today.

  1. Xeomin is known for its clean properties, the lack of proteins in the formulation that cause you to build up antibody resistance to the treatment over time causing you to need more to be as effective or even worse… the treatment becomes ineffective entirely. This is an issue if you are a “botox” user early on in life for cosmetics when you may need the treatment for medical purposes later in life such as bladder spasms. 

  2. At Elevate we use Xeomin because the formulation keep the injection from migrating to areas you do not want it. With some products the volume is so great the botox once injected will spread and many times beyond the intended area. This can cause side effects like Ptosis which is damage to the nerve that controls the muscles of the eyelid, problems with the muscle strength (as in myasthenia gravis), or from swelling of the lid.

  3.  This migration can also lead to extreme long lasting headaches, migraines and other side effects like over treating an area. 

  4. Xeomin has a higher efficacy long term than the other brands on the market. So while you are using other brands and you are building up a tolerance to it with Xeomin it is the opposite… You actually begin to need less over time.


Head Aches

Muscle Tension

Muscle Spasms


Bladder Spasms

Correct Lazy Eyes

Correct Cross Eyes

Frown Lines

Crows Feet

Lip Flip

Gummy Lip

Face Lift

Nose Job

Smooth Wrinkles

Slimming Jawline

Reducing Necklines

Reduce Sweating

Xeomin Treats

Choosing Your Injector Wisely

Your Expression Matters!

At Elevate we employ only the most highly skilled injectors who understand muscle firing patterns, muscle anatomy, muscle movements within all planes. Our injectors have an advanced understanding of the nerve pathways and veins within all of the offered treatment areas. This high level of understanding is what allows our injectors to competently perform treatment after treatment with repeated success. The injectors at Elevate are also skilled artists. When they treat any area whether for medical or cosmetic they are looking at the area to balance, smooth and enhance your appearance in a symmetrical and appealing way that compliments your shape and structure. Before any Xeomin treatment is administered at Elevate a full facial mapping is done to ensure AMAZING cosmetic results, even if this is a medical treatment. 

Every Time A Muscle Contracts Its Counterpart Has to Relax

Knowing What Muscle You Are Injecting Every-time and What Change It Will Make To Your Face is A Crucial Part of

Many do not realize that even when you use Xeomin or Botox to treat muscle tension or other medical issues there is always important to be aware of the cosmetic change it will cause a person. This comes from the relaxing of muscles from the neurotoxin. So if your injector is not highly aware what muscles they are injecting and the effect it has on the other muscles surrounding the treated area it could result in a negative cosmetic appearance or increased pain/exacerbate the issue. 

Highlighted Experience

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