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Ombré Brows


Know exactly what style of eye brows fit you best before you make them permanent. Download our free report on each permanent brow service available and what to expect.


Permanent Brows

Permanent makeup is a form of tattooing on the face to enhance natural features. Elevate’s permanent make up artists approach permanent makeup with a an deep understanding of skin tone, texture and facial features. That combined with being highly skilled at facial multi-mapping ensures amazing results that are symmetrical, precise and enhance your natural colors. All PMU services are done with a medical grade numbing provide the most comfort possible during the service. 

Brows by Elevate


Why Mapping Matters

Mapping your brows is and should be a priority when having any permanent make up done, especially for brows. Mapping not only allows us to perfect the shape you are looking for but allows us to correct natural imbalances you may have. Mapping also allows you, the client, to review the plan before you begin any permanent service. View a video of the mapping process each of our clients go through to ensure perfection! 


Color Perfection

All Elevate PMU artists are exactly that artists. Before any colors are chosen the artist will evaluate your natural skin tone determining if you are a cool, warm or neutral tone.  After your color assessment you will work with your artist for how bold or natural you want your colors to be and begin the color customization process. 


Safe and Flawless Procedure

At Elevate not only are we artists but we are health professionals so ensuring your safety and health is our TOP priority.  Our artists are trained in understanding needle safety and go above in all possible ways. Our PMU artist blend your customized colors to perfection with our advanced PMU style.


Numbing and Aftercare

All of our PMU services utilize medical grade numbing agents to ensure our clients comfort during the service.  As well as providing aftercare instructions and products to ensure proper healing and longevity. 

Highlighted Experience

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